What's a 'Sverok' anyways?

Ah, one might wonder, no? Have a look at for the full monty. The short version - and the net centric version thereof - is that a governmentally funded youth organization is running a bunch of servers for its members to use and - hopefully - not abuse. Consider free webhosting, kind of..


If you have some trouble with the site contents of any * site, please try to contact the site administrators primarily. We're mostly gamers and generally nice.


Sverok - who pays for the free lunch - does not allow content which is in disaccordance with Swedish legislation. Yes, this means that we do ignore US copyrights, DMCA violations and similar stuff - as long as it has relevance for (at least some of) our members. DeCSS source is kosher, a DVD rip is not. So in short, if you dislike what's on the servers and cannot resolve the problems with the site administrators/webmasters/whatnot, feel free to drop us a line. 


Needless to say, if someone uses our resources to disrupt the net or act generally stupid - port scanning, flooding, nuking, spamming, ban evading or whatnot, we'll be tracking the sucker down with a pitchfork. Especially if we catch 'em in the act.


In case you need to get hold of someone in a jiffy, give Staffan Ericsson a holler at +46-739-345543. This is someone who does this gig because it's fun and doesnt appreciate calls at 4 am. Dont hesitate to call if it -is- an emergency or in other ways urgent, though. Remember we're in GMT+1 for all other reasons.

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